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Vin Diesel does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

reblogging for the fact that he challenged two world leaders and a world icon and made them also plant a tree

The new Cold War.

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Confused about this Finnish Right to Choose campaign about “stopping sexual harassment and violence”. Is it that women have the right to choose to say no? How about women have the right to be? And what is up with the English title in the first place? Finns, I’ll tell you.


What did they do?!?

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[Bailee Madison about Rosie in this scene]:

I think we should point out that when she comes up and makes her speech at the end after Callie’s that was all her. Like, she went up there, they said “Improvise,just improvise something.” And she went up there (And killed it) and did that and had all of us crying, 

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Anonymous said: Are there movies that changed your life, or your way of thinking about something? That are important to you...?

Firstly, thank you for this question. There are many movies and television shows that have impacted me in one form or another. Here are some of them:

- Lost. Forever grateful for Cuse and Lindelof for dedicating an entire season to remembering.

- When Night Is Falling & Foxfire. Saw them at about 14 and made me realize what my lady feelings were about.

- Six Feet Under. Helped me in grieving a family member I had lost 3 years prior to seeing the first season.

- Aimee & Jaguar. Helped me to understand it’s ok to let art affect me in such a way that it took me three nights to finish the movie, kept crying my eyes out.

- Malick’s movies. His way of exploring humanity’s connection to God is breathtakingly beautiful.

- From recent movies it gives me hope that such movies as Higher Ground & Peace, Love and Understanding & Liberal Arts (all from BCDF) & Touchy Feely are being made.

- In addition Zwick, Herskovitz, Abrams, Orci(s) and Kurtzman have thought me a great deal about love via their various movies and tv shows.

What about you, anon, what are some of your important movie experiences? :)

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I am so excited for this show, my god.
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I am so excited for this show, my god.

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